We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

It's when we suffer tragic loss, They help us bear the heavy cross Preserving loved ones in their rest. They try to fill each last request within the valley's shadowed death. They help us stop and catch our breath.they offer comfort and relief. To cope with sadness ,stress,and grief From older folks to juveniles, they walk with us, through many trails. And as we share our sad goodbyes. We see compassion in their eyes. With hope and wisdom to impart. They comfort each broken heart. They offer guidance through the day and gently help us find our way. We wish to thank the Bigham Mortuary and staff for taking good care of our love one and making this experience as easy as possible we will be forever grateful. Sandra Terry &Family

Sandra Terry November 24, 2020

We want to thank the staff at Bingham Funeral Home for their excellent help with the planning of our brothers recent service. They were very compassionate and caring from the first phone call till the last one. I would highly recommend their facility if needed again. I also want to reach out to Vince for all his kindness . You are a great asset to our community and your staff. Latna Sapp Family

Susie Fuller February 02, 2019

I would like to take this time to express my sincere thanks to Rev. Kelton Wilson ,Vince Williams and Bigham Mortuary ,for they are angels that God place in my family life after the passing of my daughter. They went over and beyond to help my family as well as Longview Police Department, JP .Bryan.I can't thank them enough for what they have done.

Michelle Cunningham Sam December 24, 2016

We would like to take this time to say what a wonderful service that we receive from The Bigham Staff.All we can say is that they did every thing that was ask of them and are really concern about people instead of how much money they can make.So we highly recommend them. Sorensen Family

Sorensen Family September 04, 2015

I just want to say that Rev three weeks before his passing he wanted to go into Bigham and make sure that every thing will be done as he had ask.He and I both several years ago did a pre need so that our love ones would not half to do any thing,when the time came.But I say hats off to the staff they did what he wanted and what I wanted,I love some Bigham.

Pearlie Brown December 21, 2013

We must say that at the time of our love one's death we contacted Bigham Mortuary and Vince, and the service from the time we contacted them to the end was so great.It did not take long for them to respond back with us and every every thing we ask of them was done as ask.Could have not made a better choice by using them,the price was fair and very reasonable.We truly recomend them.

Coby Family November 05, 2012

When our family lost a love one that was dear to our heart,we did not know what to do.But after a friend recommended Bigham to me, and talking with them they made the process so easy for myself and family.From the initial call they treated us as family,they went over and beyond.

Shawn Winn October 07, 2019

Our son died suddenly when kicked by a horse in Longview Texsas. We are in San Diego and shocked, saddened and at a loss as to what to do. We were referred to Mr. Vince Williams of Bigham Mortuary for assistance. Mr. Williams recognized both our state of confusion and lack of knowledge as to what to do. Vince took over for us at our request, and made all arrangements as well as taking good care of our son. He kept us updated as to the process and what was needed. He made it so we did not have to travel to Texas to deal with things. I can’t thank Mr. Williams and the people of the Bigham Morturary enough for making things as easy as possible on our family, and especially for taking good care of our son. Dennis Sesma

Dennis Sesma December 03, 2018

Thank you. U Made this process a lot smoother for us.

Esther V.Daniels Family April 22, 2016

I wish to say that I want to thank the staff for a job well done during the passing of my mother Gloria Beall,for caring out my mother wishes. Special thanks to Vince and Rev. Kelton Wilson they made this so easy for me,the service that I received was so great and the cost all I can say is WOW.I stated to them that I wanted to give my mother the best Homegoing Service,and what a service they gave.They truly indeed provided a service for a Queen that my mother was, so I say when the time of need comes I really recommend The Bigham Mortuary because they do care about you in your hour of weakness.

Felicia Steele October 14, 2014

I must say that our mother past away on 11/28/12 and we did not know what we was going to do,we contacted Bigham and told them our situation on fiance,and they said they would work with us and give our mother a wonderful service.We could not believe the love,respect and the way they treated us,they treated us in a very professional way.Later we found a insurance policy and do you know that even then they did not change the price they had advised us,now this is what you call honest people who is about helping.We highly recommend them.

Finley Family December 11, 2012